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- Villino Terni: Art Nouveau of the nineteenth century, owned by Gaetano Terni who had it built by the architect Piacentini Father on the ruins of an earlier Villa.
- Archaeological Area of Potentia: with the ruins of the ancient roman town founded in 184 BC
- Swabian Castle: entitled to Frederick II of Swabia who gave the land on which in 1229 Porto Recanati arose. According to the historians, the Castle belongs to the thirteenth century. The Castle also preserves the oldest and leading Library “ Attilio Moroni ”.
- The Abbey of Santa Maria in Potenza: south, not far from the aercheological area of Potentia, a complex items arises within an ancient wooded park. The building, extensively remodeled over the centuries, for a long time housed a monastery-hospital governed by the Order of Crociferi;

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